Lively Journal Society

Lively Journal Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of films and educational content. In particular documentaries covering topics of current social, political, ethical, moral, faith and cultural crises.

Lively Journal Society is a Christian organization and explores deeper philosophical and moral crises faced by our society through the lens of the Christian faith. However, in doing so the society does not compromise taking a nuanced approach and investigates all angles for the purpose of pursuing truth rather than narrative.

In our current age political and social fundraisers are constantly being used to raise funds from invigorated bases that believe in a cause, who want to effect change in a positive way. Unfortunately too often these fundraisers have no accountability and end up lining the pockets of opportunistic bad actors.

The purpose of this non-profit is to ensure those who want to see the creation of alternative films to the mainstream narratives can be certain their funds and support are going towards what they believe in and not ulterior causes.

We hope you consider supporting our organization and all future projects.

God bless.