Self-Care or Community Care?

What is Community Care? Self-care is a readily understood concept, but community care could be more important. Community care is the support you receive from friends, family, and neighbors. This could be as simple as an encouraging text message from a friend or an...

Homemaking During Tough Times: Tips for Greater Grace

Homemaking during difficult or stressful times is tough. Keeping a home running smoothly involves prioritizing, slowing down, asking for help, and a whole lot of grace. Prioritize Homemaking Tasks Prioritize your time and energy. First of all, take care of yourself....

How To Support a Friend Who’s Had a Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, there are weeks of emotional and hormonal backlash in the postpartum period. Community care is vital during this period: call or text, send a gift, lead a meal train, offer to babysit, and refrain from asking why it happened. When you have a baby,...

Ms. Monopoly: The “Feminist” Board Game

Hasbro has announced Ms. Monopoly, a "feminist" version of the classic board game that gives female players extra money and bonuses. According to its tagline, Ms. Monopoly is "the first game where women make more than men." Instead of all players receiving $200 when...

Nagging is Abuse: How to Banish This in Your Relationship

What is Nagging? Nagging is persistent harassment. It’s asking someone to do something repeatedly, in a hostile manner. In some ways, when a person is nagging they are a broken record, with a constant refrain. For example, a wife could just continuously ask her...

Who We Are

Lively Journal Society is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening relationships, families and gender relations amongst millennials. LJS does this from a faith-based perspective, and hopes to encourage questions of morality and spirituality amongst young people.

This is not a website or for perfect people. It’s not an organization that is just for prudish Christians who look down on others as less “moral” than them. LJS is for broken and bewildered people of all backgrounds who are looking for understanding and healing – as we all are.

Broken families and relationships can be directly attributed to many problems within our society today of violence, crime, mental illness and homelessness. LJS addresses the problem where it starts, strengthening the relationships that eventually become families.

Our mission can be summed up like this:

Faith Love & Femininity + Masculinity & Compassion

Faith: Promoting deeper thinking on issues of religion and spirituality for those who are searching. Fostering a profound relationship with God and ones faith within the Christian community. Nurturing peace and morality (good vs bad) within one’s soul and daily life.

Love & Femininity: Encouraging young women to have a love for themselves, their family and the inherent beauty of their gender. Too often women are told that finding strength and independence means acting like “men” – Lively Journal hopes to allow women to live freely and openly in their femininity.

Masculinity & Compassion: Encouraging young men to love and embrace their masculinity. Often men in our culture are told their masculinity is “toxic” or inherently “sexist.” However, masculinity is just as much about strength as it is about love and caring. Men are the people most willing to risk their lives for others, that sounds pretty compassionate to me! Lively hopes to encourage men to be proactive and effective in their lives, relationships, and fatherhood.